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Will you sign some Magic Cards for me, even if I send a prepaid stamped envelope?

No, I only sign cards when I attend conventions, sorry.

I like the cartoon characters in your Archive Folder, can I use them or buy the rights to them?

Unfortunately not, the art belongs the previous owner of Argonaut Games PLC. I did the art for the company back in 2002, and I'm allowed to show the images as portfolio pieces, but that's it. I find the art a bit dated now, but they're quite popular, so I keep them around.

Do you have time to draw a picture for me?

No, not really. I'm usually to busy with other commitments to take on private commissions. When I do there needs to be a payment for the work involved. I don't do free art anymore I'm afraid.

I represent a company, and would like to commission you for our upcoming project, are you free?

Drop me a line at [email protected], and we can discuss it further.

How long do you spend on a painting?

Anything from about 6 hours to three days. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It depends on the complexity of the art brief.

What medium do you use to produce your color art?

I pencil everything on paper and then paint over the sketch in Photoshop CS3.

I want to get better at art, what tips do you have?

First off, work hard and as often as you can. Take on life drawing classes, go to art galleries and look closely at the paintings, see how professional artists have produced their work. It's okay to be influenced by the art and media you like, just try not to copy it. People want to see your talents as an artist, not someone else's.

I want to work as a freelance artist, what tips do you have?

Get a good portfolio (characters / environments / color work / black and white) of your work together and approach as many companies as you can. You're not going to hear back from everyone you contact, so you want to hit up as many as possible.

Art directors want to see you that have as much of an understanding of human anatomy, light and shade, color, and perspective as you of popular culture, comics and games. If you have both, you should find work.

I want to do artwork for Wizards of the Coast, can you show them my portfolio?

Nope, you've got to do that yourself. Go to the Wizards website, follow the submissions link and hope for the best. Your art should sell itself, and having another artist show it around doesn't make the slightest bit of difference. If Wizards doesn't want to use your art you'll just get a rejection quicker.

The art directors at Wizards check the submission in the 'artdrop' very regularly so if they want to use you for their games, they will contact you.